Killaa — A Sovietesque Dhivehi Typeface

The Characters / Glyphs

Here is an overview of all the glyphs in the typeface.

As you can see there are no diacritics or “Fili” included. That’s because we simply didn’t want to and it just looks better without it. But maybe in the future, we might do a version with the diacritics.


Killaa is heavily inspired by old soviet posters and the typefaces.

Mockup Posters

Here are some mockup posters (using existing posters from that era) we did displaying the font.

PS* Additional textures and effects were used on the characters to blend in with the posters.

Font Preview (Type anything below)

Note: Select Dhivehi Language From Your Computer

ދވހ ޖމހރއޔގ ބޣވތ

The typeface is still in beta but you can download to test it out. (Now updated with the correct file)

Appreciate if you could send us some feedback too.

Also, we will be putting a blog post on the process and technical stuff  for this typeface. Stay tuned if you would like to see that. 😄

Download Killaa Font